Insta Fame: Some Naga girls on Insta


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We need to donate some Naga girls existing on Instagram to North Korea—along with that Kim something and her husband Kanye whatshisface.

Said three types of people are all much alike they had to be from the same mother. They share a passion for the same things:

  • They hunger only for 3 things: Attention, attention, and attention
  • The phone camera was made for breasts and buttocks
  • Highly accomplished: how big their breasts are, how round their behinds are, how skimpy their cloths are

Nagaland girls on Instagram meme

Look, I love women, and everything they are—their eyes and lips, hair, and their chestnuts / water melons and southern buns and all.

But if you are going to unleash your blackberries and push your exquisitely-shaped southern bomboms on every second person’s face on social networking sites in the name of feeding your hunger for some lovin’, nope, you are playing the wrong game.

You love attention? Here’s the secret: Go accomplish some fudging thing first!  

Once you have achieved something, you can attract all the attention you want. You won’t even have to ask for it. It will come to you on auto-mode.

Or better still, be a people’s person: show us your designing / drawing / cooking / singing / whateva skills.

Show us your gardening results, your dancing heat, your degree certificates and achievements for all I care and I’d still love you.

But, slut parades? Ugh, no.

As if selfies weren’t already destroying brotherhood. Especially, ugh,. chronic selfism by men.

PS: I’m as unattractive as a loaf of bread, that I know. Maybe even as ugly as  an onion hamburger on a bad day. Moreover, I’m as vain as a silk panty on a wedding night.

But I know this much—repetitive ruse to draw attention to my face will only push people away. It is basic social psychology.

Universal Rule. Social Truth. Natural human response.

And, my choice.

And, oh, you may please call me a judgmental son of a beef. Thank you.

When Beers and Pork start acting up in the car


Out of 7+ billion people on earth, I have absolutely no idea what I did to deserve these slightly demented group of baboons from Nagaland to call my friends:

(First batch: My noise-pork-and-beer friends)

Wapang Jamir
Chipen Patton
Watila Imsong
Yanger Pongen
Aolem Longchar
Anandy Ezung,
and the reclusive Moala Imchen

They are slightly demented and suffer from a chronic case of hyperventilation and noise.

Here they are for you:

Wapang Jamir: Dry humored in a boyish way; funny once the second beer goes in; fishing addict; good man, faithful husband and a total idiot.

Chipen Patton: Tall, funny fishing addict, speech-on-steroids and a total rowdy

Yanger Pongen: Generally quiet; a gently sarcastic giant, toting father; suffers from a mild case of involuntary blankness at times

Watila Imsong: A sweetly, shy woman; baby-voiced beauty with a tendency to having men wonder where she got that pair of lips from.

Aolem Longchar: Kind, gentle, generous, terminally loud and a laughing bag.

Anandy Ezung: Forever laughing, cheery; a baby-voiced  female with, also, the stoic courtesy of a PMSing woman if you don’t know her well.

Moala Imchen: Aolem’s cousin sister; fashionable and loves photographs; gets men feeling the high temperatures for no good reason. Can’t tell the difference between wine and beer.

Fart meme



Funny Nagaland memes copy

(To be continued….)