Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes now illegal…? Phew, I’ve never had anything beyond Autorickshaw bhara


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The government of India has announced discontinuation of the  Rs .500 and Rs.1000 denomination currency notes as a means to curbing black money.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have just waved the magic word. The internet is already feverish at the news the very day, Tuesday, November r 8, 2016. on which the central government announced it.

As for me, well, the last time I remember  even owing a Rs. 500, much less a Rs.1000 note, was during the paleolithic age.

So hey, I have no complaints.

We can feel sorry though, for many people in Nagaland: politicians, underground groups, and intending candidates. There must be something to the timing that the government  chose to announce the change—the elections are close.

But politicians and their like squirrel off their money in the banks, right?

No, not if they run into the crore.

And by the time you have already used up all the names of your relatives to open fake banking accounts, you will have had to keep a chunk of your Stolen-From-Public money and your Extorted-From-The-Public-In-The-Name-of-Freedom-Liberty-Equality-something money at home.


Rejoice, people, rejoice! Bring out the pork!

As for you little steaming piles of horse-behind-ejects who steal from the public in the name of either development or independence, good for you!

Good, eat that, you fudging little thieves!


Made-in-China bhi kush hua…



Now, India needs no hydrogen bombs to whip Pakistan’s behind. The next delivery for the Indian Superman will ensure that Lahore gets whooped halfway to China.